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Hey Folks, I’m Ed Snowden and I’m here all week!

No… no strike that, I’m here for a couple of days until some of the world’s biggest dictators and commies help me escape justice. Then I can walk hand in hand with some of the most dangerous self righteous, self aggrandizing, self serving, pigeon chested socialists that have ever walked the planet and end up on some stupid college students t-shirt in California and in Beijing. Yea! Up there with all the greats, Che, Stalin, Castro, Mao, Manson. 

Banners laced with “Free Snowden” flapped freely in Beijing for the entire world to see. “Free Snowden” Huh? Exactly who was Snowden being held captive by? The swanky hotel in Hong Kong he holed up in – by his own choice?

Wow! “Free Snowden” Because all those Chinese and their government, and all the people working for said government, know all about freedom. China – the largest communist country that mankind has ever conceived. China, was only the first communist country that Snowden decided was a great retreat from his home country.

Now he’s hanging with Vlad, in all his horse riding, crossbow toting glory.Seems he’s forgotten the home team, The United States, the country that has given he and his family peace, personal safety, religious freedom, and participation and responsibility for the political process since the day they were conceived.

Because everyone around the world knows – all citizens of this “New World” get magically granted all of those rights…

Maybe, while Snowden was busy fingering his Ipad, perhaps sitting in a fluffy white robe before his 2nd change of venue, it dawned on him that he was being held captive by his own naive, idealistic, inexperienced, short term view of the world and of humanity.

Do you think that it came to his attention that there might have been a better way to accomplish some things, if he felt like it was his responsibility?

Then again, looking at  all the “winners” he’s chosen to shack up with, I’m thinking it was definitely all about the T-shirt.

©Birgit Von Schondorf 2013

Author: The Alphabet Games


Author: The Alphabet Games

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