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We’ve all heard the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office about “Obamacare” and we can see they keep getting further out of line with what was originally promised by the Obama Administration. Things are ramping up for the implementation of “Obamacare” and the bulk of the American electorate doesn’t like or want the program and neither does Congress. With scandal after scandal and broken promises, the President’s disapproval numbers are at 50% and no one knows the score better than people outside the beltway. Median household incomes have fallen 7.2% percent in the past five years. The problem is that only half the population inside the beltway seems to understand these troublesome facts. Outside the beltway, the people who are not members of a union with life-time entitlement benefits, courtesy of the taxpayers understand everything with laser focus. Americans in communities across the country fully comprehend the fact that the First Family, Congress and Hollywood will not have the same type of health care that this administration is trying to foist upon the public. Constitutionally speaking, it is a bitter pill to swallow. Small wonder that 32 states, filed lawsuits against the Federal government, or that The House has pulled 35 votes on “Obamacare.” And at this point, even the 3 biggest union leaders and program proponents have voiced their dissatisfaction and discontent to the President

The Administration is drowning in PR, policy and a putrid piece of signature legislation and tax hikes, the likes of which the country has never seen. The majority of the country is not satisfied with the Supreme Court’s decision on the matter… and it’s going to get ugly.

Consider the tax burden that we shoulder for illegal immigrants coming to the United States, where millions of dollars are being spent by “we the taxpayers” every year. Sadly, we have chosen to turn a blind eye, while these individuals effectively bilk the system, and our government just tolerates or worse, condones this despicable state of affairs.

The result is that we are short-changing ourselves and future generations.

Think about the fact that America no longer has the financial resources to carry people in the numbers that are now receiving healthcare or other benefits at taxpayers growing expense. For the purposes of this discussion, the reasons why our resources have been stretched to the breaking point don’t even matter, because the end result is the same. Canada’s or the European Union’s argument do not hold water because, quite frankly those countries have neither the population nor the oppressive business tax structure that the federal government here continues to perpetuate; it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

Many companies of all sizes have declared they will not be able to keep the health care coverage they already provide to their employees once “Obamacare” takes effect. The same employers have also stated that they will not be able to keep their employees,and those who don’t get fired, will have their hours decreased, and as an act of self preservation their businesses will not be doing any hiring anytime soon. So much for growing the economy.

To add insult to injury; Castro, the poster boy for communism and state-sponsored health care in the Western Hemisphere commented publicly about everything he instituted during his regime. In a shocking admission, he proclaimed, “It doesn’t work.”

He went on to reveal that Cuba planned to lay off half a million government workers as a result of the country’s “failed experiment” in socialism. Companies here in the States are already releasing workers, freezing hiring and cutting hours in advance of the full program implementation.

Nothing speaks to life like history, experience and on–the-job training. Forget about all of those facts. Forget about the partisanship. Forget about who voted for what, the red and blue. Let’s talk about putting the provisions into place to correct the health care system, not collapse it, and here’s why: orifices, yours and mine. The entrances and exitsto your body and your children’s bodies, your parents, and your kid sister’s and kid brother’s. Let’s get honest and squirmy and put it out there. Let’s talk about it all; it’sabout time.

During the Second World War, the Nazi’s tattooed the Jew’s arms with ID numbers so they could keep track of each Jew and steal their humanity by trying to erase their names and heritage. How long do you think it will take the U.S. government, given its current trajectory, to implant a computer chip up your rectum? Or your children’s,perhaps inserted at birth.

Remember a large part of the electorate just elected this man again and gave, this President, “the Title to Your Body” and your children’s bodies.

Don’t think it’s far fetched; remember, history tends to repeat itself, even though political leaders through the ages have never been able to actually apply that time-honored lesson. Be honest with yourself please; it’s a moral imperative. Everything that is happening now in Washington at light speed is designed to consolidate control over “your body” and no one is even talking about it…

A popular television ad says something akin to this: put your records online, it’s like ordering a pizza! So… because your pizza preferences are online, your genetic code should be too? The Internet, which is hardly secure is hacked daily. And by the way, I’m not pizza, and neither are you, nor are our families.

The new federally-sponsored “Obama-scare” represents a very real threat. It’s your body, and if you choose to give up control that’s one thing – and that one small point makes all the difference in the world. By the grace of God we are born here or we have chosen to make a life here. For generations, our ancestors here have fought hard for everything we have. Lately, however, many of us have gotten fat and lazy, mentally and physically. Our civic pride seems to have waned as well. There, I said it.

Honesty makes you unpopular here, but in other places it gets you killed. I am a young, wildly unpopular American, and currently one with whom my forefathers would be okay.

Here you see a semi unfiltered view of much of the rest of the world. Did I mention thatmost of the EU is on the verge of bankruptcy, because of their cultures of entitlements?

The truth of the matter is that we are not getting the real input here currently, so please don’t be naive enough to think that we are.

Here in the United States of America and in a few other places around the world, money may be earned. You may have a family if you’re lucky, and maybe you will own a home. But you get “your life;” you get that guarantee, and the rest is up to you. But it is your entrée to the human race. Welcome aboard. Some are healthy and live long; some are not so fortunate and barely get started before it’s game over. But that’s life. It is yours, and when push comes to shove, your life is all that is yours.

Now that we have spoken about what actually is yours, here is the reason for laying out all these other relatively unimportant facts. Ask yourself this one question:

Why would you give up the only precious thing that you will ever own—the beginning,the end and everything in between to an entity that is not you, or a loved one and clearly as of late does not have your best interests at heart?

That is the fundamental question—why? Your body is the only part of your life over which you have total control, and the same goes for your children. Why would you give that away through something as mindless and scary as Obamacare? Why?

Birgit Von Schondorf

© 2013

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