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These days you can see Russia and Vladimir Putin just about everywhere! The cover of every news paper, and wall to wall on the internet.

Putin is tooling around, taking over countries, selling weapons, collecting real estate, getting divorced, arresting punk rock bands, selling power to Europe, creating monolithic amounts of propaganda, congratulating Olympians and running half naked through a forest with cross-bow, while playing a haunting Russian melody on a pan flute.

Vlad is busy, he’s a damn good spy and he knows it. Contrary to popular belief, he also knows the cold war never ended, it just rested awhile. Vlad was bored and waiting…waiting for a clueless neophyte, a bad manager or for a leader who did not have love of country in his heart. Vlad hit the jackpot!

Enter contestant number 44 – President Obama. He’s like Vlad’s version of a Russian mail order bride, it’s as if “Little Vlad” stepped up to the counter and ordered his perfect partner in communist world domination. His polar opposite in every way, except in his dream of out come. Vlad dreams of more power, being taller and reconstitution of the Russian empire. He dreams of the really tall statues erected post mortem, in his honor.

President Obama dreams of seceding power, quashing the military & clandestine services and forcing American warriors and citizens into being less powerful in the unfolding of human history then they ever have been. In Obama’s mind, America is the biggest part of the reason that other countries have failed to achieve greatness and prosperity. Frankly, there couldn’t be a worse marriage for the American people and truth be told the vast majority of the world functions better with America in the drivers seat.

The Cold War isn’t over, in fact with the dinner bell rung aloud for all to hear advertising President Obama’s weakness, Putin hasn’t made the Cold War cold, he’s made it Arctic!

These days, President Obama is in the The White House and even on a snowy day, like we’ve had for months this winter, for the first time in history The President of The United States “Can See Russia from His House!”

Birgit Von Schondorf©2014
Author The Alphabet Games

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