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alphabet games book release
alphabet games book release

We are getting close to the release of the book.

We will have a hard release date within days.

Until then… Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter follow our T.A.G Blog here and follow us on Tumbr. There will be pictures, videos, calendars, press and many different types of media coming soon.

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Friday March 8Th 2013


Welcome to the end of the five day work week. For many these days if you are lucky enough to be working, you will work every Saturday and Sunday. I know that many people understand exactly what that means. Attempting to attain or maintain stability in one area often means giving up any semblance of control in other areas. Balance is an elusive mistress. Budgeting time can often be frustrating, frightening and or downright impossible. A life, a home life and a family life is not unlike the experiences that agents have while on the road. Filled with trade –offs. Negotiations, wrought with peril and tasks accomplished and goals that get met with great trepidation. Politics whether in your family or in Washington are difficult to navigate. When you factor in the “family –like” dynamics that exist in and around the alphabets on the road and off you thank God for procedure, and your ability to forget about it.


Birgit Von Schondof

The Alphabet Games

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Flag Plaque


It’s snowing, snowing a lot. Foot of snow … with rain. Washington gets paralyzed in the snow. People just sort of don’t know what to do. Like Angelinos when it rains, when an El Nino year blows in and all of the mountains in Malibu end up on PCH. Trees are up rooted, people cannot drive, its chaos.


The insanity is a lot like Washington on this day, and especially this past week with the sequester. The President keeps trying to blame it on everyone but himself, his staff and his spin masters. But that is just another untruth. Plain and simple. With average American’s hyperventilating because gas is close to 4.00 a gallon and food prices that have been launched into the stratosphere. People have reason to be more than a little concerned. We are now living in world where lettuce is sometimes three fifty to four dollars a head. This has people understandably upset. For the bulk of the population, things have moved from amusing to downright dangerous. Many people do not have the slightest inclination to want to be on public assistance and are completely annoyed with the people who are using the system. Annoyed with a government who has been doing back flips, mailers and robo calls to suggest people expand their participation rates for food stamps and free cell phones and everything else.  To view assistance as something other than a “temporary stop – gap” for the very worst of situations is absurd! Who could blame people for being angry? What gives anyone the right to use another person? Make no mistake, the American people are being used. And their finally starting to have an opinion about it.


A certain sector of the populous wonder why many of their countrymen are buying guns and ammo. Instability, fear and lack of trust. Contrary to what many of the people in power are distributing to media as their talking points, it has nothing to do with the NRA.  People can see what’s happening on their own street, they don’t need some talking head being a mouthpiece for the latest guy at the podium, to tell them what’s up. The Thumbnail is this, the inexperienced man that some people hired to do the job of running the country hasn’t done a very good job. Oh, and the added bonus is… he’s scares people here at home and around the world half to death, which is why their buying guns and ammo. His policies and behaviors are making us weak as a country on every front and deep in our little hearts and bellies we know it, and so does the rest of the world. Even some of the “Flaxesque” talking heads have finally started to deal with that overwhelming reality.


Washington, courtesy of this administration has become a constant, campaigning, fund raising, backside kissing, political junket. The constant golf playing, vacation having, Air Force One flying, Defense and Clandestine Whack-A-Mole, Domestic Energy obstruction and Biological Obama Care Cellular Level control, Big Labor constituent wooing hug fest. All while China laughs and “hacks their way to happiness” on our military and intellectual property.


Do the President, Vice President, cabinet in waiting, and the hangers on think that the American public cannot add or see? Do they honestly believe that “The Unaware” will stay asleep with their heads buried in the sand forever? People are starting to understand now. As things become more uncomfortable, and low and behold it doesn’t get better. Pundit’s health care costs have gone up? Wow! Surprise! How did that happen? Does every politician that comes down on the Presidents side for yet another policy that has no basis in “successful reality” think that people don’t understand what is really going on here? Does the party in power really think that people are ready, willing and able to put up and shut up with another yummy big batch of Pennsylvania Avenue “Pelosi?”


The Alphabet Games

Birgit Von Schondorf


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Friday March 1St 2013

Welcome Patriots,

This is the first installation of what shall be deemed the T.A.G Blog (The Alphabet Games Blogs)

Today is a day unlike any other day in our history. It is the early evening of “The Sequester” set in motion by the current Administration of the White House and The Party which has The Executive Branch and half the Legislative Branch of our Government locked up for 4 Years plus. At this time in our history that would be the Democrats. It’s been four years of the two party system fighting like cats & dogs because of two completely different views of reality.

The Democrats believe that growing government and throwing money at everything to see what sticks is the way to go. They seem to believe that money grows on trees. They throw money at everything except our national defense and available domestic energy and self reliance. Then a little while ago, when the money ran out, they just printed more. Somehow, this approach is supposed to make all the bullies in the world that hate us decade after decade declare us their newest BFF’s. They gave us a Congress and Barney Frank that collapsed our housing market with the help of some greedy un American people in banking. Apparently, they agreed with Barney’s way of doing things.

Then their were the Republicans, who started the party that really was founded on the abolition of slavery; much to the Democrats dismay.  For quite a while, some legislators coasted along not paying attention, and because of that, some got fat and lazy. They needed to be reminded that “We The People” put them in power in the first place. And that cost them, and then it cost “Us.”

 Presidents and parties in the past have done unpopular things; some have committed very illegal deeds. It’s been ugly; the past has had its share of bad decisions and lousy outcomes. No one group has ever been above reproach and everyone is subject to human fallacy and weakness. We as a people, or as a race are scarcely perfect.

That aside, the majority of the media’s cognitive decisions to give the current administration a “permanent pot smoking hall pass complete with a communist meth bender weekend” is well, nothing short of horrifying. It is terribly irresponsible and sad. It’s also racist and cowardly. To quote our beloved First President George Washington – “Happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”

Well, we blew it…again. Half the people in the country don’t equate cause and effect, they would rather bury their heads in the sand rather than look at outcome or ROI. Look around people, look around. Pick an issue any issue. Tell me what positive outcome there is. Tell me what policy relates long term or short to positive numbers, that this administration is directly responsible for. Remember, cause and effect. Action and outcome. Mythical tax breaks and temporary jobs saved don’t count. Real sustainable growth in the private sector that grows the economy long term only.

Sadly, I don’t know anyone involved in any way that could vouch for numbers in that column with an honest bone in their body and a straight face. That is all there is to say, and that is enough.

We are all subjects of the human condition; however it is our choice whether we are victims of it.

The Alphabet Games

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In this work of non-fiction, set against the backdrop of the current political climate, is an intensely intimate view of the people behind the curtain who keep us all safe, upright, and breathing world wide. The Alphabet Games is an eye opening thrill ride.

This book brings into laser focus how clandestine services is taken for granted and is a one of a kind look at the “real life human beings” that hold the world’s safety and continued security in their loving, responsible and moral hands.

Media Inquiries and Booking Info : Media (at) TheAlphabetGames (dot) com