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Make sure when you purchase “The Alphabet Games” The Numinous Protocol” that you get the correct book.

The Alphabet Games” is NONFICTION!

Soft back and Kindle EBook only! The cover is White and Text.

It is the only copy of the book that has ever been published.

There is front matter / back matter, a very special dedication, all written by me personally. Read more »

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Life is dirty, but it washes off, so get it all over you. Know each other; life is short; talk about things that are taboo and passionate, perhaps even in inappropriate places. Get a life. Talk about it all-sex, religion, politics, the guy at work who is a jerk.  Brave, communication has never been as important in our brief history as it is right now, so put on the good jewelry and let the fur fly!

Excerpt from - Let The Fur Fly 2013
Birgit Von Schondorf

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Lately, I’ve been watching tape from the White House Correspondence Dinner and other events and listening to pundits on the radio talk about people that I know. And pound for pound I cannot for the life of me fathom how arrogant, self important, nasty, ill advised, snarky, detrimental and just plain rotten people have become. The rule of the day, even without cause, first hand knowledge or experience and going well beyond the pale of just how cynical behavior has become the standard. I realize that the bar has been driven down firmly, and it now apparently resides under the depths of the sea, at least according to the assessment by “Parker & Stone.” Which once again has more than a taste of pop – culture accuracy. Read more »

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“If you have ever wondered what it is like for an undercover CIA operative to work as part of a covert team in hostile environments where a combination of luck, skill and survival instincts are the ticket to living another day- this gritty book is compelling reading”

– a lengthy veteran of the intelligence community and numerous covert missions

“This unique book tells a compelling and entertaining story about survival in a world most of us do not know exists.  It is about men and women who quietly put themselves in harms way to protect us and our freedom.  A must read.”

- USN (Ret) USS Forrestal combat pilot

 “The Alphabet Games, the first in a series, promises to be a winner out of the box.  Based on the real world of individual CIA operatives, it reveals how things get done and missions are accomplished, including a reality check in the real world.

You haven’t read anything as remotely close to this real life description of one of the most important activities that keeps the United States in the forefront of the battle against the seriously demented who seek nothing less than our destruction. No matter the religion, race, national origin or sexual preference, all of us are targets of these truly evil folks.

There’s reason to look forward to the follow up to The Alphabet Games, The Numinous Protocol. 

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long.”

-  Former CEO Templeton Funds, Executive Vice President Dreyfus Funds, industry arbitrator NASD and New York Stock Exchange, Author of : Mutual Funds Today… Who’s watching Your money?


5.0 out of 5 stars

(Female reader

“My first non fiction read. Quite captivating and very well written. Looking forward to the next book in the series.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

Pyschological Insights instead of Hollyweird James Bond, April 2, 2013 This review is from: The Alphabet Games “The Numinous Protocol” (Volume 1) (Paperback)

“The James Bond Fantasy is the second highest grossing, 23 movie franchise ever in ticket sales,(beaten only by Harry Potter’ 8 films) so most people have no clues as to the realities of a dangerous, often ugly, thankless, yet vitally necessary shadow wars, nor of the psychological tolls on the warriors and on the people who love them. The Alphabet Games provides some of these real world insights.
Well written, at times riveting, often humorous, sometimes disturbing but always thought provoking, the author reveals a NON-PC (politically constipated or full of sh) glimpse of hidden worlds.
I hope that the characters survive so there will be many more books in the series.”

Another reviewer offered

“I also want to recommend a new book – The Alphabet Games, The Numinous Protocol by Birgit von Schondorf.  This book is a non fiction work about real world US Intelligence Operations.  This book would be excellent for high school and college students as well as for more mature adults.  We often think we know how our Intelligence agencies work, but very few really know.  Having worked in Intelligence for many years and Commanding Units at Echelons Above Corps, I can tell you that Birgit does understand.”

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Sleep – Masks are not an option…

I wish that life was simple and that cause and effect were always the rule of the day and that chaos and evil never reared their ugly heads and peaceful people were always left alone to go about their daily existence.

I’m a nice person; I want to believe… that the good guys always win and that people who don’t deserve to be caught in someone else’s bigger agenda weren’t ever in the wrong place at the worst time. But that is not reality, and it doesn’t matter if it was 100 years ago or yesterday. Bad people and evil do exist in the world, and even though people don’t want to deal with it, hoping doesn’t make the evil go away. By sweeping it under the rug, and trying to kill it with kindness, the evil survives. Point in fact, the evil counts on that kindness, like a vampire counts on the blood of the unsuspecting. Like a virus, it’s opportunistic and ruthless and glassy eyed to innocence and any normal behavior of the human condition.


Good people assuming that the “cocoon like capacity” of “goodness” will somehow deliver the human animal from some its worst traits possessed by the sickest and most malevolent among us are sadly mistaken. The idea that they will be able to save their most beloved is just sad.

Until people are more concerned with the continued existence of their loved ones than they are with being politically correct or offending or inconveniencing groups that show a track record of socially unacceptable and selfish violent behavior we will have  problems.

The more adults we have in the room willing to be seen as the unpopular, strong, even tempered, fair and unapologetic the sooner groups who behave like bullies, tyrants and spoiled children will rethink their “daily mayhem to – do lists.”

When you go blindfolded with your hands bound to a knife fight, your gonna get cut.

End of story.


Birgit Von Schondorf

Author The Alphabet Games